torsdag 20 september 2012

Engelska miljöpartiet lika extremt som det svenska

Om det är något HBT-lobbyn och politisk Islam har gemensamt så är det att de kräver reservationslös tolerans av alla andra men återgäldar endast med snarstucket tyranni. 

I Spectator skriver Rod Liddle om hur det engelska miljöpartiet tillämpar den totalitära formen av tolerans mot medlemmar som uttrycker någon form av tvivel i HBT-frågor.

"My father once told me that tolerance was a great and precious British virtue, and that we shouldn’t waste it on homosexuals. Even at the time this struck me as a somewhat illiberal and unkind point of view to which I privately objected. It was easier though, back then, to hold such ‘homophobic’ beliefs because there were only eight or nine homosexuals in the entire country, so far as we were aware, and they all seemed slightly ashamed of their predilection, except for maybe Quentin Crisp and Joe Orton. It is good that we have moved on from that position to one in which tolerance is not merely by law compulsory, but that further, if you should have any quibble with any aspiration of the now vast homosexual community, you should be hounded out of your job or position and subjected to public vilification. This, for me, is the true meaning of tolerance: an absolute refusal to allow a view which runs counter to your own and, in the manner of our Deputy Prime Minister, making it clear that anyone who does hold such views is a ‘bigot’. A ruthlessness towards anyone who shows deviation from the inestimably tolerant line."


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