onsdag 1 maj 2013

Kulturmarxismens metastaser

Peter Hitchens skriver i Mail Online om hur marxisterna må ha bytt fokus från 1900-talets krav på nationaliseringar och planekonomi till subversion mot familj, folk och fosterland men de är fortfarande lika destruktivt revolutionära.

Något att komma ihåg på första maj när bombkastarvänstern härjar i Jönköping och (s)-topparna desperat försöker parfymera liket av arbetarrörelsen för att verka valbara inför 2014.

"Last night I was in York , haranguing a mainly student audience on the need to destroy the Conservative Party (the York student Tories, to their credit,  kindly organised this event, and were extremely hospitable to me).

One of the things I need to explain is that socialists and communists have not stopped thinking. They have not ignored the failures of the 1917 revolution, nor the dead end of Attlee’s nationalisation programme. They have regrouped, re-examined the battlefield, turned to other things. The fact that your opponent is no longer trying to nationalise industry, and the fact that the  old Bolshevik-influenced Communist Parties are one with Nineveh and Tyre, does not mean that the revolutionaries have gone away. 

It just means that, following Antonio Gramsci or Herbert Marcuse ( or Roy Jenkins and Anthony Crosland) they have learned new ways to the old goal of the utopian society. The union barons are a spent force, a stage army of more use to Tory propagandists than to their own side. The battle has shifted into sex, marriage, morality, comedy, drugs, rock and roll, the abolition of personal responsibility, the spread of egalitarian and diversity dogma in schools, the civil service, the law, universities, publishing,  broadcasting and the NHS,  the anti-Christian frenzy, and the attack on national sovereignty.

The ‘Internationale’, old anthem of Communism, is now just a sentimental recognition of a revolutionary youth. The real anthem of the new revolution is John Lennon’s ghastly ‘Imagine’ , a version of which I heard this morning leaking out of the loudspeakers in my York hotel, part of the background noise of our age, sneaking into our minds as an ear-worm.

And because the Tories barely understood Bolshevism or Fabianism, and have never even begun to grasp the meaning of Gramsci,. Marcuse, Lennon or Jenkins, they are not fit for the fight, and – in some ways worst of all – have mistaken Margaret Thatcher’s Hayekian liberalism for a revival of their beaten cause. 

In fact, it was another grave defeat for conservatism – which is actually a happy and free people’s reasonable defence of those things which make them happy – continuity, inheritance,  modest but secure private property, limited government, national independence , a life ordered by conscience rather than a police force, and come to that beauty of landscape and architecture. That is why unhappy countries tend not to have much in the way of political conservatism." 

Allra underdånigast,