onsdag 6 april 2011

Lycka är att få delta i ett humanistiskt krig

Jag hade tänkt skriva ett inlägg om det libyska kriget, men hittade Ron Liddles artikel som mycket väl sammanfattade även mina dubier kring det. Eftersom även vi har anslutit oss till detta vettlösa krig (där SD än en gång visade att de är den enda opposition som Sverige har) så nöjer jag mig med att hänvisa till hans artikel i Spectator.

"Nick Harvey, a Liberal Democrat MP now surprisingly ennobled with high office as minister for the armed forces, was asked how long we would continue shelling Libyans, and he gave the string thing as an answer — blithely, with an air of exquisite abandon, like it didn’t matter. He quite clearly does not have the remotest clue what exactly we are doing, for how long we intend to do it and what would constitute a victory (for us, I mean).

You can hear it on the rolling news channels, the reporters and presenters beside themselves with delight that here is a war which is apparently ‘just’, and therefore each detonation is something in which we can exult. A war not against people, like wars usually are, but against only one man who nonetheless, paradoxically, everyone is agreed the war isn’t really against, because it’s not about regime change. So in other words it’s a war against nobody, just against something bad, something we can all get behind. 


Meanwhile, the war porn is cheered on interminably on BBC News 24, a cruise missile soaring upwards here, a shot-down aircraft there, stoic resistance from the brave Libyan opposition, cowardly ground-force attacks from Gaddafi’s henchmen. Tell you the truth, it’s ages since I’ve seen a white-coated Jap bloke peering tentatively into a nuclear reactor, although I assume that business is still going on. [...]"

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